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Carob Rosemary and Thyme Export
Export of Carob Rosemary and Thyme
export of dried Rosemary and Thyme Leaves and Carob with the assurance of top quality herbs and spices that stay ahead of times. We are amongst Moroccan top most exporters, importers, merchants, Rosemary and Thyme Leaves and Carob suppliers of raw herbs also one of the most trusted brands of the nation by providing never before extensive variety of high quality herbs and spices with prompt and worldwide delivery. Proud to have immense number of satisfied clients we are growing and developing generation after generation. The company's ability to meet all customer requirements expeditiously and at very competitive prices, has been its major strength and has helped it to gain loyal and growing customer base in domestic and in International market.The company attributes high significance to complete customer satisfaction. The Rosemary and Thyme and Organic Herbs offered by us are directly sourced from forest, herbs cultivators and trustworthy vendors in local market. This meticulous procurement of products helps us to provide our clients with quality assured products and thus establish credibility for ourselves. Today, we are reckoned as prominent Carob and Organic Herbs Exporter and Supplier in Morocco.
Our exportations are made either by sea or by air to many Markets :

° Europe ( Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK, Turkey and Greece .)
° Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore ,Taiwan, Bahrain, and Chine ...)
° America (USA, Canada and Brazil )

Export Herbs for Import and Export is an Moroccan owned and managed company growing, processing and exporting herbs, spices, seeds and flower cut.Rosemary and Thyme Leaves and Carob Our network consists of a congregation of farmers, retailers and wholesalers who have over 50 years experience in herb production. Plants can help restore proper bodily functions. They are your birthright, so it's up to you to enjoy their benefits. Without neglecting to consult your physician, you can use plants to relieve and correct certain afflictions We see an organization which aims at customer satisfaction ,understanding our clients, We will always demonstrate sincerity for our customers through anticipation of their needs, warmth and concern. We not only see ourselves as the best suppliers of the nation but we are also looking forward to join hands with the world to become a family and spread the power of ayurveda worldwide .

Our herbs are farmed, processes and stored in the surrounding areas of the Fayoum Governorate in Morocco. We also follow a strategy of providing farmers their payment immediately after receiving crops so that farmers may continuously grow high quality herbs. To provide a contemporary business-entity with highest quality standard herbs and services and adopting swift verifying technologies and market conditions. Our Organic Department offers a range of Herbs and Natural Essential Oils Organic Certified by ECOCERT.Also, our factory is well equipped with smart facilities with experienced staff and B.R.C. Certified by VERITAS allowing us to offer a very high quality products.

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