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Turkey Carob exporter and Suppliers
Turkey Carob exporter and Suppliers
turkish Carob exporter can be eaten raw, but its most popular use is from the extract of its seeds, which are used as a stabilizer in many commonly found foods, called Locust bean gum. However, this little-known fruit can also improve nutrition and has been used successfully as a remedy for digestive difficulties. Carob bean gum is a useful ingredient in slimming foods and is widely used as a low-fat chocolate substitute: it lacks absorbable nutrients and can be used as thickener, making food more substantial - but not more fattening.

Carob of Turkey is a species of flowering perennial shrub or tree in the family of pea. It is extensively cultivated for its edible peas, and as an ornamental tree in different kinds of gardens. The turkish carob seeds can be rumpled and used as ersatz chocolate. trees of export Carob can grow up to 49 feet high. The crown of the tree is semi-spherical and wide, which is braced by a thick trunk with rough brown bark and strong branches. It has long, pinnate, and alternating leaves that are 10-20cms long, which can or cannot have a leaflet at the end. The fruits can be compressed, elongated, curved or straight and thicken at the junctions. It gets ripe in a span of one full year and can eventually fall into the ground. Carob tree can tolerate frosty climates.

carob plant started way back during the Mesopotamian culture. The carob pods were used to make juices and sweets and were expensive at that time because of its numerous uses. This herb has been mentioned already in a lot of texts that dated back thousands of years ago that outlined its cultivation and growth in North Africa and Middle East. Carob bean extract and gum have many uses, especially in the food and flavouring industry where it is used as a chocolate or cocoa substitute, or as a thickener and food stabiliser. It is also used in non-food industries such as the textile, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry.

In one event found in the ‘Parable of the Prodigal Son’, the prodigal son, who dissipated his tradition, wishes to also join in eating the diet of pigs on carob pods.export Carob is often used as a caffeine-free and fat-free substitute of chocolate but is not fair to be compared with chocolate. It has a unique taste which can easily be identified among others.The usual comercial carob products in human nutrition is carob syrup, turkish carob powder (and the LBG -E410 for professional use). With the use of the above products (syrup and powder) we take secondary products like spreads, chocolates, cakes, Jam, biscuits, bread, rusks, cereal bars, beverages etc. Α new comercial secondary product is ice cream with color like chocolate with the use of carob powder. Aware of other types of commercial products intended for human consumption have been developed containing carob materials by more than 5%?

There are many advantages to eating carob therefore if consuming raw cacao concerns you then consider replacing it with ground carob powder.Carob is also referenced in the Bible. It is said that while St. John the Baptist was in the dessert he sustained himself for long periods of time on the nutrition of the carob of Turkey , thus the pods are also referred to as St. John’s Bread.

export Carob of Turkey been consumed since ancient times. The earliest use of turkish carob by the Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans was of course eating the pods raw straight from the tree. The taste of Carob pods and ground carob powder has been compared to chocolate because it is sweet, brown in colour and similar to taste however really it is quite unique in flavour, I would describe it as more of a rich caramel flavour.

Carob is naturally sweet requiring less sweetener in recipes, and unlike cacao it contains no caffeine or any other addictive substances. Cocoa powder and chocolate also come from a tropical pod. The pods hold cacao beans that are processed to make cocoa powder and chocolate. Cocoa powder and chocolate contain compounds thought to reduce artery-clogging plaque and lower cancer risk. Although allergies to chocolate are rare, some people report adverse reactions such as migraine headaches.

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