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Organic thyme is an example of an herb with over 300 varieties and various chemotypes, which are plants with the same appearance but have different chemical compositions. Each chemotype yields different leaves with corresponding therapeutic benefits. This occurs when the plant is grown in different environments, climates, and Thyme is regarded as a natural remedy for handling womanly problems in a gentle manner. Historical references report the use of organic Thyme for inducing labor, encouraging easy child birth, irregular periods, obstructed menstruation, treating pains, depression, fatigue and nausea associated with menstruation. This is mainly because organic Thyme leaves stimulates the production of estrogen hormones in women, which is responsible for reproductive health.

organic Thyme is renowned for its medicinal value. Its leaves, flowers and leaves have been used in the treatment of several ailments. It is available in both fresh and dried forms. Fresh organic Thyme is more flavorful and sold in bunches of sprigs. One sprig comprises of a single stem snipped from the plant, paired with leaves or flower clusters. Both fresh and dried organic Thyme can be used in Thyme helps in maintaining skin health by eliminating the bacteria that is responsible for causing various skin problems. organic Thyme leaves can be diluted with water and used as a toner to tighten mature skin. It is gentle on your skin and can be used for all skin types.

organic Thyme leaves is considered a great diuretic which assists the body in getting rid of excess salts, water and other toxins by increasing urination. These properties make it beneficial for weight loss and lowering blood pressure. It is also useful for individuals with chronic renal failure.Thymol is one of the most important leaves found in organic Thyme and known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. It also contains other volatile leaves such as carvacolo, geraneol and borneol.

benefits of organic Thyme leaves: Ayurveda, the oldest of all healing sciences on earth trusts on natural herbs including aromatic plants for healing human health conditions. It is known for its use of aromatics in treating numerous illnesses ranging from insomnia to bipolar disorders. This healing power by using aroma is connected to the limbic system, which is known as the ‘center of control’ of the human brain. Another celebrated Ayurvedic therapy of healing is Abhyanga, the art of Ayurvedic massaging. Ayurvedic texts strongly recommend massaging with therapeutic leaves for relaxing the mind, strengthening the immune system and helping the system to strike perfect balance with nature.

organic Thyme is also a good source of vitamins. It is particularly rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is an antioxidant, vital for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin as well as good vision. Vitamin C provides resistance against infectious diseases and fights harmful pro-inflammatory free radicals. Among the B-complex vitamins, it is a good source of Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine with a 100 gram serving providing about 0.35 mg or 27% of the daily recommended intake of this vitamin. This vitamin assists in maintaining GABA levels in the brain and acts as a stress buster. Other vitamins found in this herb include Vitamin K, Vitamin E and folic acid.

organic Thyme is an excellent source of Vitamin K and a great source of iron, calcium and manganese. These minerals play a crucial role in bone health, promoting proper bone growth and development, and reducing the risk of bone disorders. organic Thyme helps in sustaining powerful, healthy bones and preventing bone Thyme is also rich in Vitamin A which is a fat soluble vitamin and an antioxidant. This vitamin helps promote healthy vision and minimize eye diseases.

Thym leaves kills worms. You can try it on intestinal worms like round worms and tape worms, as well as maggots in open sores and hook worms, which are notoriously difficult to Thyme is available in several varieties of which garden organic Thyme is the most common. In summer, it bears tiny fragrant, lilac or white-colored flowers. It has grey green leaves, a sweetly earthy flavor and a pungent minty lemon-like aroma. Another variety is lemon organic Thyme which has a more pronounced lemony aroma.

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